Mon General Hospital first in nation to use new endoscopic visualization system

Posted Date: 6/25/2012

            Mon General Hospital recently became the first hospital in the United States to use a revolutionary new endoscopic visualization system, which provides very clear views of the surgical procedure and an easy way to capture images, in its Orthopedic Center operating rooms.

            Arthrex’s Synergy HD3 System integrates three components - high definition cameras, LED lighting and an image management system – all tied into one console that uses an Apple iPad tablet interface. Having one console and one interface simplifies use and the ability to accommodate individual surgeon preferences.

            Before now, the three components that go into the Synergy HD3 system have only been available as separate systems, which can make the operating room a much more cumbersome place.

            Arthrex, a Naples, FL, based medical device manufacturing company, unveiled the new compact state-of-the-art video system this past February at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) in San Francisco. Mon General Hospital was the first hospital to implement the system.

            The first arthroscopic surgery in the United States using the new endoscopic visualization system took place in the Orthopedic Center of Mon General Hospital on Tuesday, June 5. Chad Micucci, MD, of Mountainstate Orthopedic Associates, an Orthopedic Surgeon on the Mon General Hospital Medical Staff, performed the surgery – a rotator cuff repair. Arthroscopic surgery is typically a minimally invasive surgery to examine and repair the interior of a joint.

            “The new arthroscopic system is really impressive,” Dr. Micucci said.  “The images are saved directly onto your computer or iPad, which makes it very convenient to review these with your patients.

            “This new technology will not only improve our visualization during the surgical procedure, but will potentially also allow the patients to easily access their own images," Dr. Micucci said.

            The Synergy HD3 System features a true 1080p High Definition programmable camera head, a LED “xenon-bright” light source and an image management system. Utilizing an iPad tablet application, physicians can review, edit, annotate and tag stills and video recordings, as well as create and instantly transmit images, videos and educational postoperative reports to colleagues and patients.

            “This is really the first video system that has integrated what we believe to be the consumer technologies of today, which are tablets,” said Ryan Papa, Regional Sales Manager for Arthrex. “If you look at this video system, compared to other surgical video systems on the market, this one can be used alongside an iPad and an application that we’ve developed called the Arthrex Surgeon iPad ap.

            “What that application does is that it allows your physicians to instantly transmit any videos or still images taken during the cases over to an iPad, use those to create quick post-operative patient presentations, and then email the post-operative reports,” Papa said. “It really helps you move your operating rooms to paperless interfacing with your patients.”

            Following surgery, most patients leave the Orthopedic Center with a stack of papers, such as physical therapy instructions and post-operative instructions. With the new video system and the iPad ap, the potential exists to “take all those and condense them down into a nice easy to access email to the patient,” he said. “That email can have e-versions of those instructions. It can have actual pictures of the procedure that was done. You can also copy that patient’s referring physician on the email, that way not only is the patient getting the post-operative record, but the referring physician is getting the record of everything that was done in the case.”

            Surgeons have been very receptive to the new system. “They’ve been very excited about having a more technologically advanced way to interface with their patients,” Papa said. “A lot of physicians these days are using electronic medical records to save their patient data. One of the more difficult parts of that is when you do things like a surgery that requires a video system - how do you get pictures from the video in there? Right now they have to take an actual photo sheet from your Orthopedic Center back to their office and scan it in. By having it on their iPad, they just email it over to their office and drag it right into their electronic patient file. So, physicians are excited about a more advanced way to interface with their patients and a more advanced way to get their images from the surgeries in the OR, back to their office and into their electronic medical records.”

            Orthopedic surgeries at Mon General Hospital are performed in the hospital’s new Orthopedic Center which opened in January 2012. The center features four state-of-the-art operating rooms and was built to meet the area’s growing need for orthopedic procedures. Mon General Hospital currently performs approximately 3,600 orthopedic procedures annually and has experienced a 20 percent increase in the number of orthopedic procedures being performed during the past five years.

            Mon General Hospital has the highest volume in the state for total knee replacements and is ranked first in north-central West Virginia for total hip replacements

            Arthrex has developed more than 6,000 products for arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgery. The Synergy HD3 is designed and manufactured by the company’s subsidiary, Arthrex California Technology in Santa Barbara.


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