Mon General Hospital opens new Orthopedic Center

Posted Date: 1/24/2012

            Mon General Hospital’s new Orthopedic Center opened to patients for the first time on Monday morning, Jan. 30.

            The new Orthopedic Center features four state-of-the-art operating rooms, 13 private pre- and post-operation rooms and an eight bed Post-Anesthesia Recovery Unit (PACU).  The new center has been built with room to add two additional operating rooms if needed in the future.

            Located on the first floor of Mon General Hospital’s South Tower, the Orthopedic Center is conveniently located with outdoor access and its own parking area adjacent to the center. The center has a drop –off/pick-up area for patients arriving for treatment.

            “Mon General Hospital has one of the largest groups of orthopedic surgeons of any hospital in the State of West Virginia and we currently perform approximately 3,600 orthopedic procedures annually,” said Mon Health System President and CEO Darryl Duncan. “Over the past five years, we have experienced a 20 percent increase in the number of orthopedic procedures being performed at the hospital.

            “Much of the increased demand is due to the region’s aging population, a trend which is expected to continue as more and more Baby Boomers reach retirement age,” Duncan said. “As the aging population requires more numerous and extensive orthopedic procedures, construction of a new Orthopedic Center was necessary to meet this demand.

            “Our new Orthopedic Center is equipped to handle the growing need for orthopedic procedures,” Duncan said. “With room to expand built into the center, we expect to be able to meet the region’s orthopedic surgery needs for many years to come.

            “The new Orthopedic Center’s four operating rooms are each about 600 square feet in size,” Duncan said, almost double the size of the hospital’s previous orthopedic operating rooms.  “The new rooms meet the size required for modern orthopedic care and are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.”

            Each of the four large operating rooms is designed to ensure that physicians and staff can safely and efficiently care for patients. The rooms feature an LED Surgical Lighting and Visualization System. These lights provide high intensity, pure white natural light to allow surgeons to see every detail with no distracting shadows. LED lights emit less heat than traditional lighting technologies, keeping the operating room cool and comfortable, even during long procedures, and reducing the risk to exposed tissue.

            In addition to the innovative lighting system, the operating rooms have an Equipment Management System that maximizes room space by organizing surgical equipment and medical services in one centralized space. No longer is it necessary for equipment to be wheeled in and out of the rooms on carts. Equipment is attached to ceiling-mounted arms that can be adjusted to reach anywhere the surgeon needs it.  This frees up floor space and eliminates cables on the ground, making it easier to clean the rooms and reducing clutter.

            To further enhance patient safety, floors have an antimicrobial surface to reduce the risk of infection.

            The 13 pre- and post-procedure rooms are each private rooms, ensuring patient privacy prior to and after surgery. The eight-bed PACU allows staff to keep close eye on patients as they come out of anesthesia in a setting that combines privacy and high-tech support.

            A dedicated Orthopedic Center means shorter wait times for patients needing orthopedic surgery. While patients are being treated, an electronic patient tracking board keeps family members and loved ones apprised of the patient’s progress. For patients who remain in the hospital following surgery, the hospital has a dedicated orthopedic unit with specially trained nurses.

            “I think the biggest asset is the fact that we do only orthopedics, so there is minimal wait time for patients when they leave the physician’s office,” said Darlene Bryte, RN, Orthopedic Center Coordinator. “The patients know when their surgery is scheduled, and we can get it done normally within two weeks from the time they call.”

            Mon General Hospital’s seven board certified orthopedic surgeons specialize in general orthopedic surgery, sports medicine and total joint replacement. General orthopedic surgery includes hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, wrists and hands.

            Mon General Hospital’s Orthopedic Center is served by two physician practices: MountainState Orthopedic Associates and Mountaineer Orthopedic Specialists. MountainState Orthopedic Associates includes Matthew P. Darmelio, MD; Lloyd Kurth, DO; Chad Micucci, MD; Gregg O’Malley, MD, Chris Vasilakis, MD and Nick Zervos, MD. Mountaineer Orthopedic Specialists features William Post, MD.

            Mon General Hospital’s prior Orthopedic Center was located on the second floor of the hospital’s HealthCare Center and will be converted into a dedicated Endoscopy Center, to open later this summer.

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