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Mon Health Employees Rally to Support Local Food Banks

Posted Date: 1/30/2019
When Mon Health employees learned that the recent government shutdown impacted community food banks, they rallied.

Last week, Mon Health Medical Center, Mon EMS, The Village at Heritage Point and Mon Health Equipment and Supplies staff gathered non-perishable food items for donation to Pantry Plus More of Monongalia County, which provides food to school children and local families.

"We pulled this together very quickly, and the staff stepped up to meet the needs of their friends and neighbors," said Mon Health CEO David Goldberg. "I'm tremendously proud of the compassionate employees who don't just care for the people who walk through our doors; they care for all members of their community. Thank you Mon Health Medical Center Board Chairman Patrick Esposito, Sr., for challenging our Mon Health Medical Center and related entities for putting community first."

Esposito's real estate company Whitman Augusta also contributed to the food drive.

According to Monongalia County Commissioner Tom Bloom, who helps support and promote the Pantry Plus More program, the government shutdown brought food insecurity into the homes of affected federal employees, depleting local food pantry resources.

"We've had families come see us who have had to choose between filling a prescription for their children or buying food," said Bloom. "This is flu and cold season, and some government employees were not able to use their insurance. They were so appreciative and grateful for the food we were able to provide."

Bloom said his aunt, Zelda Stein Weiss - a donor, philanthropist and founder of the Mon Health Medical Center Foundation - would be proud.

"My Aunt Zelda would be thrilled that her concept of Mon Health Medical Center continues," Bloom said. "I know she's looking down and smiling."

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