Preston Memorial Welcomes Dr. Daniel Milam

Posted Date: 8/31/2018

Preston Memorial Hospital welcomed Dr. Daniel Milam to its team of Orthopedic Surgeons in July. Although his tenure at PMH has just begun, Milam has already made a significant impact within the hospital and community.


Milam explained that he wanted to practice in a smaller town and hospital for several years. “It is very enjoyable for me to feel part of the community and work in a place where I know everyone,” Milam said.  Milam was highly impressed at the quality of the facility and the medical staff when he interviewed at PMH. “The operating rooms are as good as any (if not better) than the ones I have worked at in much larger cities,” Milam added.


Milam says he’s thrilled to be a part of a local orthopedic program. “I have had the privilege of taking care of some of our local high school athletes as well as hospital staff members, in addition to caring for residents of this wonderful community,” Milam stated. “Word is starting to get around and our clinic days are filling up rapidly. We have been truly blessed by this and seem to have hit the ground running.”


Milam attributes the successes of the department to the staff, all of which have been eager to assist in the establishment of the orthopedics program. “They have all had a wonderful attitude and are learning the intricacies of orthopedics very quickly,” Milam said. “This attitude and work ethic has allowed us to get things up and running.”


One of Milam’s goals is to develop a thriving orthopedic surgery practice at PMH, where patients drive to Kingwood from Morgantown. “We have a beautiful new hospital filled with the latest technology and an incredible medical and nursing staff,” Milam said. “As a result, we should be able to provide high quality care locally that is as good or better than the care you would receive at a larger facility. We can excel at Preston Memorial by providing a more personal, hometown experience where you are treated as a patient not a number.”


Milam explained he has valued his time at PMH while becoming acquainted with hospital staff and patients. “The OR staff, clinic staff, other doctors and especially the patients have been very welcoming and made me feel at home from day one,” Milam said. Additionally, Milam says he’s enjoyed having the opportunity to work alongside his medical school classmate, Dr. Theresa Rutledge. “There is just really something neat about getting to work with someone that you not only knew before they became a doctor, but went through the same training with.”


Even though Milam has spent the majority of his time at PMH dedicated to launching the Orthopedic Surgery department, he’s looking forward to getting involved in community events including Preston High football games and the Buckwheat Festival. “So far, I have already been able to check out the music festival, play in a charity golf tournament, explore the Decker’s Creek Trail, go to a Black Bears game and even go whitewater rafting,” Milam said.


While he’s not on rotation, Milam is spending time with his wife and sons. “My boys are eight and 11, and both are avid baseball players. The majority of my free time is spent with them on the baseball fields either coaching them, practicing with them or watching their games,” Milam said. In addition to spending time with family, Milam participates in obstacle course Spartan Races, plays golf and spends time outdoors.

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