Preston Memorial Welcomes Dr. John Britt to its Orthopedic Surgery Department

Posted Date: 12/17/2018
Dr. John Britt photo

The Preston Memorial Hospital Orthopedic Surgery department continues to expand as the program welcomes Dr. John Britt to its staff. Britt has been practicing orthopedics for nearly thirty years, and is looking forward to continuing his career in medicine at PMH.

Britt completed his education in 1991, and has been practicing Orthopedics ever since. When reflecting upon his career Britt stated, “I’ve been doing this for a while. I enjoy the ongoing process of learning and practicing.” Britt explained that his career allows him to always stay motivated to learn. “There are always challenges with what we do, so it makes for a rewarding career,” Britt added.

Britt chose his career path at a young age while watching his father practice general surgery. “He was a very fine surgeon, and I learned a lot from him – about being a good surgeon, a good physician and a good humanitarian,” Britt said. “I learned through the example of how he handled his practice.”

Britt will take the lead on performing total joint replacements in the Orthopedic Surgery department at Preston Memorial. “I enjoy doing total joints. I’ve done them throughout my career,” Britt commented. Britt explained how he finds total joint procedures to be very rewarding for patients. “They really get a great result and it really makes a major impact on their life.”

Britt said he’s looking forward to working at Preston Memorial because he enjoys working in smaller communities. “People are excited about this opportunity. I can tell that this service will provide a lot of help to our patient population,” Britt said. “I really look forward to doing the cases here. As a surgeon you enjoy being in the operating room for the appropriate reasons – for the people who really need the care.”

Britt is the third of the orthopedic surgeons to join the PMH Orthopedic Surgery department and has explained that one of his short-term goals is to get acclimated and be a part of the team. “Transfer of care is seamless, and the community is going to have the same quality of care regardless of which surgeon is on rotation,” Britt said. He explained the PMH Orthopedic Surgery department has a great team approach. “Continuity of care is definitely there when you have three people working well together and communicating.”

One of the long-term goals Britt has set is to be a part of the growth of the orthopedics program at PMH so that it becomes a viable part of the community. “This is the place to come for orthopedic care. Preston Memorial is a first-rate facility providing first rate orthopedic care,” Britt said.

The Orthopedic Surgery Department is accepting new patients. Appointments may be scheduled by contacting the Preston Memorial Hospital Physician Center at 304.329.4701.


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